White Wines


new riesling$13, 750ml – Riesling, made in a refreshing light German Piesporter style, hinting at green apple. Only 1.5% residual sugar, and a hint of tartness, this wine is not as sweet as your typical Riesling. Very versatile, going well with all types of light meals, but can stand alone just by the glassful. Grown in Idaho in the Clearwater River Canyon, this is the quintessential bright crisp Riesling.


plum$12, 750ml – Wild Plum, from “volunteer” yellow plum trees in and around Kendrick, Idaho, is an exceptionally lively, fruity wine. Less sweet than Japanese plum wines, we have captured the true fruit balance of sweet and tartness, like the first bite. At 4.5% residual sugar, and its unique flavor, take it on your next afternoon picnic or enjoy on your next sushi night.


LateHarvestOM $15, 375ml- Late Harvest Orange Muscat, a rare find in Washington, from the Lady Hawk planting at the famous Champoux Vineyard. A true late harvest wonderfully balanced with tones of citrus, tropical fruits, honey and leechie nuts. At 11.5% residual sugar, serve in small sipping servings on its own or with desserts.