Sparkling Wines


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Brut–  750ml. The driest of our hand made sparkling wines, it is neither sour nor bitter, but always fruity without being sweet. Brut sparkling wine is a perfect pairing with foods, especially Chinese food or shellfish.

Fred–  750ml. Our acronym for “fizzy red”, this is a bone-dry sparkling red made from the Lemberger grape. This traditional style, known as “Rouge” by the French or as “Sparkling Burgundy” years ago here in the states, almost vanished from the marketplace. Fred is a two time medal winner, and our hope for reviving this wonderful style.

Raspberry Brut–  750ml. Our own creation based on an idea stolen from French and Belgian fruit beers. Not sparkling kool-aid, but with an intoxicating raspberry bouquet that will be a delight by itself, paired with appetizers, or a fine brunch.

Red Raspberry– 750ml. Our famous FRED with mellow hints of red raspberries make this gorgeous sparkler able to stand alone, styled for any occasion.

Extra Dry–  750ml.The name causes more confusion than anything due to translation difficulties from the French. Extra Dry should logically be the driest, but actually  means medium sweet or less dry than Brut Champagnes. The 3% residual sugar makes this style the most versatile with foods or on its own. We describe it as “middle of the road” on the sweetness scale.

Sweet–  750ml. Sweet means sweet, as this sparkler was specifically crafted as a “Wedding Cake” toasting champagne. Enjoy this sparkler with fresh fruit, crepes or dessert. The sweetness level of this sparkling wine is 7%, so it stands up to the sweetness of wedding cake frosting without seeming sour.