Red Wines

Lemberger$16, 750ml- Lemberger, an Austrian grape named for its region of origin, picked from the Champoux Vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills appelation, is a unique varietal on its own. Lighter and fruitier than a Pinot Noir, most winemakers obtain this grape to use in a blend to present a more fruity flavor. Here at Camas Prairie we have kept it as a single varietal, aged in stainless steel, and with a new option of a smooth oaked version. Both are wonderful with red sauce, lamb, pork, salmon or turkey. Recent winner of a Silver Medal for the 2013 Idaho Wine Competition.


Available in Traditional, or Oaked versions





$14, 750ml- Hot Spiced Wine is our version of the traditional Scandinavian, English and German Christmas wines and is available year-round! ┬áNot a mix or a tea bag to dunk in other wines, our Christmas wine is ready to heat and serve. It has been sweetened and steeped in cinnamon, cloves and allspice. Great warmer, and even makes fruit cake taste better…if you like that kind of thing.