Wonderful World of Mead

Here at Camas Prairie Winery, we strive to bring you the very best product possible by using quality ingredients and being attentive to the batch as it goes through its transformation into our award winning meads. We pride ourselves in using the lightest local honeys around to give our meads a crisp, light and casual flavor suitable to pair with a variety of foods, or to just relax with a glass and some friends. If you haven’t tried our meads in the last few years you have got to get in here quick!

Palouse Gold Front final$13, 750ml -Palouse Gold Mead: Simply honey and water. Simply delicious.

Strawberry Front final$14, 750ml -Strawberry Mead: Real, ripe strawberries and honey. Just awarded PLATINUM status 2015 by Wine Press Northwest, winner of the Gold Medal for Best Dessert Wine from the 2013 Idaho Wine Competition, as well as winning the 2013  Lentil Festival’s Wine vs Brew competition, earning  the title Best Beverage on the Palouse. The people have spoken!

Huckleberry Front final$15, 750ml -Huckleberry Mead: Real, ripe, wild huckleberries, and honey. Hands down our best seller, its just that good! Note: All huckleberries used in the making of this wine were collected on Notell’em Mountain on the shady side of Noneyobusiness Ridge.

Raspberry Front final$14, 750ml -Raspberry Mead: Real, ripe, red raspberries, and honey. Official wine of the annual Cottonwood Raspberry Festival and a crowd favorite. If you LOVE raspberries, you have to try this wine!

Blackberry Front final$14, 750ml -Blackberry Mead: Fat, wild grown, Northwest blackberries and honey. Our newest in the Mead line up, and so delicious! So light and delicate, but somehow also rich and warm like a hot August night – true to the nature of this delicious berry.  It’s a must try!

Coming soon….

Elderberry Mead! We’re excited to expand our mead selection! We’ll keep you posted on when this new treat will be available for your enjoyment!